As one of the companies of zagros paydar int’l group, which was established, whit the aim of activities in the fields of study ,design and supervision in oil industry including  up-stream and down – stream activities.

Various activites in zagros paydar int’l group entails that the company be capable of applying all different specialties  and experiences ,and provide the possibilities for the group ,so that the group would be able to independently undertake all responsibilities of different aspects of a projects ,such as engineering ,procurement and construction of the project as  E.P.C 

With the establishment of this company ,the group is pleased to have the opportunity of including in its agenda, those fields as exploration studies, reservoir engineering, preparation of scope of work ,drilling operation program, production , transportation process, design of production units, and refining up to the leading conversion industries 

(various branches of petrochemical  industry)

By utilizing the latest achievements in science and technology  in conjunction with services of national experts, the group is capable of carrying out projects appropriately with the least expenditure and in compliance with cultural, economical and social values and requirements of the country.

Having close relationship with the scientific ,technical and industrial societies of other countries ,which has been envisaged in the group ‘s work frame, will result in promoting and updating company’s knowledge and know-how and gaining of assurance about the soundness and correctness of activities and operations and make a good background for the effective presence in global market