Zagros Paydar International Group of Companies  (ZPIG) a

The Zagros Paydar International Group has been established under the following organizational structure since 2001, based on the development of bilateral and multilateral cooperation plan with reputable companies in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries.

Due to the weakness of the lranian private sector in the field of drilling industry on that time, at the beginning of it’s activity, most of the capabilities of ZPIG was concentrated on the drilling projects for oil and gas wells and their required services in Iran and had the result of the breaking-up of monopoly in this industry and the widespread presence and growing number of similar private and semi-private drilling companies, one after the other, in this special industry, which ZPIG considers itself to be the first company to combat monopoly, in honor of this achievement.

Beside to drilling projects , other companies in this group have worked with other international oil companies such as the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), the National Petroleum Corporation of Japan (INPEX), Total Oil Company France and Shell Oil company and Eni Oil company Italy, OMV Austria, to gain experience as well as close cooperation with other international oil companies and numbers of reputable American and Western oil companies such as Halliburton, Schlumberger, Weatherford, Backer-hughes, National oil well, and … , to provide specialized services to various companies affiliated to the National Iranian Oil Company, including the Petroleum Engineering Development Company, Central Oil Company, Southern National Iran Oil Company, National Iran Drilling Company, National Petrochemical Company and National Gas Company was launched across all of the Iran.

Following the restrictions imposed to the operation of foreign prestigious oil companies and stopping their activities in Iran since 2006, the group has been moved its activities to other countries based on its strategy of development through the creation of new partnership , such as the establishment of the new companies , or the purchasing of shares of foreign companies and manufacturing companies related to the aforementioned industries, as well as the establishment of its foreign offices in the areas of North America, EU countries, South-East Asia, the Oceania and Middle Eastern countries.

At present time, the group is proud to be active as the only international Iranian group in many of the oil, gas, and related new energy projects in the Middle East region, have an effective activity and has been expanded it’s markets by the help of reputable foreign partners, it’s crew and also by it’s accurate and excellent development plan.
ZPIG achieved the defined goals by the support of its valuable, trustworthy and trusted partners towards a better and glorious future, and from here, warmly and sincerely, make invite to cooperation for all the professionals and companies which are active in the above mentioned industries in every corner of the globe.