.This Company, as one of the perfection company of the chain industerial contractors of Zagros Paydar Group of Companies , has been established on the year 2000

.As it is clear from it’s name, this company has the responsibility for executing the projects related to the construction and erection of Refineries and Petrochemical plants and also implementation of laying high size and long distances oil and gas pipes.

This company,  by having several co-operation agreements with well known and reputable international western and eastern companies who are active in the same fields and also beside granting several reputable standard such as ISO series 9001, Quality Management and also ISO 14000, Environmental Management, and using it’s vastly facilities, have an acceptable background in co-operation with the other Companies of it’s group inside and outside the country.

.Zagros Paydar Industerial Erection and Construction Company, as same as other ZPIG Companies,  by choosing the strategy of gaining more experiences and updated knowledge and granting the collaboration of High Quality, Committed Management and capable Experts team and also facilitating itself to the required modern machinerys and hardware for the best implementation of accepted responsibility on it’s projects, continuing its path toward the development and promotion.