Which has been established in 2001 with the objective of allocating financial resources to group companies and projects, has an important role as the mother company.

: The other objectives of this mother company are as follows

research and study of projects, setting direction for the group for cooperation in projects, determination of share and cooperation procedure, taking part and guidance of negotiations in contract phase with Iranian or foreigner parties, grant the cooperation of third parties both in the country and abroad, compiling of executive company polices in large scale, definition and description of polices for the group’s companies, creation of cooperation ground In national and international levels

Supporting the group companies is the main goal from the standpoint of supplying capital investment and credit, upon comprehensive technical studies

Zagros paydar Investment Company, as the group’s head, particularly proceeded with the receipt of the new contracts and distribution of different executive sections among the affiliated companies or other third party companies

This policy has resulted in synergy increasing in ability of each individual company on a team base and acceptance of multi-disciplinary responsibility of the projects