As the first company of zagros paydar int’l group(ZPIG), which was established in 2001 with the main objective of activities in oil and gas wells drilling, offshore and onshore locations of Iran and abroad

This company through the support and capabilities of the other companies in the group is able to utilizing modern equipment for drilling oil and gas wells, and carry out such activities as; reservoir studies, preparation of drilling program, including determination of depth and diameter of the well, type and size of drilling bits, drilling mud programming, casing running and cementing operations in conjunction with all other integrated technical services

Zagros paydar formations international drilling company is proud of being the first Iranian private company which has been awarded the best technical proposal and the most logical price in the tender relevant to drilling of 19+5 Aghajari oil field production wells on 2003

On 2004 our company was invited for tender that was issued by NISOC (National Iran South Oil Fields Company which handle the operation of 90 percent of Oil production in Iran) for drilling of 44 oil production wells in Gachsaran & Bibi hakimeh feilds (two big old oil fields located south of Iran) and won this tender after 15 months of technical proposal evaluation of all contractors by client and provision of the best price by our company

Zagros paydar formations drilling company attended this tender with the cooperation of very reputable international oil services companies in the world such as; National oil well(Varco), Halliburton(US), Weatherford(US), Schlemburger(France) and Somitomo(Japan), backer-hughes & etc

Unfortunately, this project has been paused because of some irrelevant, illegal and non-technical affairs, which those irrelevant reasons are officially rejected by legal, honest authorities in written and it is hopeful, that, after the all reasons those made trouble for running this project has been resolved by related authorities, and thereafter our international partners could start their sound and safe activities, we again can start the implementation of this big National and International project(that is unique in its kind in the world) beside of our respectful partners cooperation in Iran