As the second company of zagros paydar int’l group , is established as the responsible for supporting the commercial operation of the ZPIG`s Companies and also for provision domestic and international logistics, services to projects.


The company is able to supply all the equipment’s, commodities and materials ,which are required by the companies in the ZPIG and abroad

This company has commercial card and offices in U.A.E (Dubai) and is able to provide commercial services to gas, oil and petrochemical industries and the other active contractors in this regard ,zagros paydar energy int’l commercial company is also capable to providing such services as commodity classification ,ordering registration ,transportation ,custom clearance were having and all other related activities and has relative knowledge experiences & required facilities to support the ZPIG’s companies and the other clients

At the present time, this company provides logistical support for several operating companies , and is qualified by PEDEC, ICOF national petrochemical company . CNPC, Halliburton, INPEX furthermore ,it supplied a portion of drilling materials and services, which were required for drilling operations, as a direct contractor of PEDEC

By utilizing the facilities of other companies of the group ,in particular ,the mother company , zagros paydar energy int’l commercial company has been capable of fulfilling its related duties and tasks as a supplier of commodities , materials and equipment and plays its role as a center of easy access to industrial goods and equipment as effective as possible for it’s respectful clients